Private Security services in Dallas Texas. We protect what matters most.

Welcome to Stonewall Protection Group. We are the leader in professionalism among private security companies in Dallas Texas, and Fort Worth. Above all, we desire to raise the standard of private security and support our community. Likewise, our commitment to excellence makes us your trusted source for professional security and investigation services.

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Top rated amongst security companies in Dallas Texas for executive protection services

Security Services

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Security Guards

We provide security guards to protect businesses in Dallas and Fort Worth. 

We are not a big-box provider. Rather, we provide professional, trained guards to keep your assets safe.


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We provide executive protection services anywhere in the world.

We work discreetly using an intelligence-led approach to keep you safe while not interfering with your way of life. 

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Our consultants possess a deep understanding of the threats facing you and your business. Likewise, we have the skills and experience to help mitigate those threats and vulnerabilities and reduce your exposure to risk. 

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We provide discreet and secure transport and travel security.

Our priority is always client safety and security while ensuring the highest level of privacy and confidentiality.


PRIVATE Investigations

We provide specialized private investigation services.

All of our investigators have extensive experience as criminal investigators for large police departments. As such, we offer a wide range of backgrounds and expertise.


Why Choose us?


    As a local company, we live, work, and play here. Consequently, we have a deep understanding of the security challenges in Dallas, Texas, and Fort Worth. We use this knowledge to provide effective and adaptable services across the DFW landscape.

    So, whether you live, work, or are visiting, we have the resources to keep you safe.

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    We employ a team of professionals that combine over 50 years of law enforcement and security management experience. Our team is led by Jonathan McKee who served the city of Fort Worth as a police officer for 16 years. In addition, Jonathan holds a degree in Security Management and is certified by ASIS as a Certified Protection Professional. 

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    If you are only looking for the lowest bid, we are not a match for you. We are not a big-box company. We deal in quality over quantity. Therefore, we do not simply hire any warm body to fill a position.

    In fact, most of our hiring is done through personal referrals. And all of our executive protection agents are hired by referral only. 

    We carefully screen and vet every employee. This process includes reference checks, interviews, criminal background checks and drug testing. 


    Guards with no more training than that required by the state are not professional security officers. This training is not only minimal but also grossly inadequate. However, we require all of our armed guards and executive protection agents to undergo extensive additional training. 


    Although security technology is always changing, we stay up to date so that your protection is current and appropriate. We use this technology to provide accountability to our clients.  As a result, you can track guard activity in real time and rest assured that your assets are safe. 


    Your safety is our concern around the clock. We are ready to assist you any time, day or night. Most importantly, our phone is answered by a supervisor or our owner. Unlike most security companies in Fort Worth and Dallas, we never use a call center. 


    Above all, we care about serving and giving back to our community. Therefore, we give back 10% of all profits in donations to our local community.

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